Who We Are

The Chicago Center on Democracy uses the power of academic research and discussion to support democracy worldwide.

Find us at Albert Pick Hall for International Studies, 5828 S University Ave, Room 505, Chicago, IL 60637

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What We Do

The Chicago Center on Democracy works to strengthen democracy through research, discussion, and community-building. We are a hub for students, faculty members, nonprofits, and others who are interested in working to support democracy through rigorous, nonpartisan research and other activities. We share our work with the broader community of citizens, civil society organizations, and policymakers through convenings, publications, and public engagement.

We are also the administrative home for Bright Line Watch, an initiative to monitor democratic practices, their resilience, and potential threats. Bright Line Watch is a collaboration of political scientists at the University of Chicago, Dartmouth College, and the University of Rochester.

Our People

If you are interested in getting involved with the Chicago Center on Democracy as a volunteer, partner, guest speaker, faculty affiliate, or in some other capacity, please contact Kevin Kromash at kkromash@uchicago.edu.


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Annual Report

The Chicago Center on Democracy’s 2022-23 Annual Report